Keep Your Heart Health By Routine Skipping

Skipping is indeed a type of sport that is loved by many people because it’s easy to do and can even be done in your own home. However, when you do skipping, you also have to use the right skipping rope. On the website, you can get good quality skipping ropes and are intended for sports.


Besides being fun and easy to do, skipping also turns out to have other benefits. One of the benefits is for your heart health. Not many people think that skipping can strengthen the heart and make it healthier. Some of the benefits of skipping for the heart are

– Strengthen the heart and lungs
The exercise carried out regularly will increase the strength of the heart muscle to pump blood to the heart and throughout the body so that more blood is distributed and the level of oxygen in the blood increases. Capillary vessels, which are small blood vessels also widen so they can deliver more oxygen throughout the body and are able to remove metabolic waste.

– Reducing the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease
Regular exercise can also reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Coronary heart disease is a condition when there are plaques that accumulate in the coronary arteries. The function of arteries is to distribute oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscle. This plaque will narrow the arteries and reduce blood flow to the heart muscle, and in the end, the part that is plaque attached will open so that blood clots occur around the plaque. If a blood clot is large enough to completely block blood flow through the coronary arteries, a heart attack will occur.

– Reducing the Risk of Heart Attack
For patients with coronary heart disease, regular exercise will greatly help the heart work. And for someone who has had a heart attack, regular exercise will reduce the risk of a second heart attack. Keep in mind that, patients with coronary heart disease should not do strenuous exercise, and consult a safe type of exercise to the doctor.