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From Various Types of Plastic Waste, Two of Them Can be Recycled

Waste management is not only done in large companies or factories. Households also have to implement waste management so that waste is not spilled and harms the neighbors. In construction projects, it usually produces a lot of waste, starting from cement, concrete, to unused pipes. So that the garbage is not scattered, it will usually rent a dumpster in a large size that can accommodate everything. Dumpster rental Ashland KY is one of the dumpster rental companies that are widely used for building projects or home renovations. Apart from having various sizes, the process is not complicated. Dumpster rental Ashland KY works professionally, so it won’t harm consumers.

In the waste generated during construction projects, many types of waste can be recycled. One of them is a type of plastic that is currently still widely used. Plastic is indeed difficult to separate from everyday life. However, not all types of plastic can be recycled. Here are the types of plastic that can be used for recycling:

Polyethylene Terephthalate or abbreviated PET is the first type of plastic that can be recycled. PET is often used to pack all bottles of mineral water and some other packaging. This plastic can only be used once, after that it must be discarded. The characteristics are generally clear, clear, transparent and strong. PET can only be used for cold water, and it is not recommended to store warm water or hot water at all. One of the results of recycling that we can get from this type of plastic is carpet yarn.

Polyvinyl Chloride or also commonly called PVC is the third type of plastic that has a characteristic resistance to weather, chemicals, and electricity. This plastic is also soft and flexible according to the conditions above. PVC is commonly used to make several containers, detergent bottles, plastic pipes, wire jacketing, food wrappers, children’s toys, etc. Because of its extremely durable nature, this plastic has become the most difficult type of plastic to recycle. Coupled with the relatively expensive recycling costs, only a few people recycle this plastic.