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Simple tips for dealing with drugs addiction

Drugs circulating in several countries can be grouped into 2 types, namely narcotics, plants such as marijuana and species are not plants such as putaw, methamphetamine, ecstasy / inex, and heroin (species are not referred to as psychotropic). Drug abuse can be criminalized either by imprisonment or rehabilitation. Criminal abuse is classified as one of the special crimes. Meanwhile, visit www.serenityoakswellness.com if you need a good place to heal yourself from drugs dependency.

Here are the simple tips for dealing with drugs addiction:

1. Try to take a bath using warm water, its function so that patients do not freeze their blood circulation because of the use of the patient when they are already sick, the blood flow is easily frozen the patient will easily get cold.

2. Bask in the sun using a shirt that is not thin minimum using 5-layer clothing and jacket. Try to cover all the bodies in other words tightly closed function when exposed to sunlight. Patients will sweat eating will remove dirt drug toxins in the blood circulation, the more sweat comes out the better and will speed up treatment.

3. Drinking sterile milk sold by many supermarkets such as milk bear brand or genuine cow’s milk from farmers, its function is to fight or as an anti-toxin drug toxin, and to function as a toxin cleaner. If the patient drinks more sterile milk, the better, the patient will not be able to consume drugs anymore because he will experience rejection from his body.

4. Take 1/2 eggs cooked at least 4 grains a day, this is useful as a cure for damaged brain. Because patients who use drugs generally experience insanity and failure of the brain system that causes death.

5. Take Vitamin C if the body feels weak and cold. Usually patients with acute drug addicts are often not excited always sleep does not move like an undead. With the consumption of Vitamin C patients are stimulated to actively move so as not to experience blood cell freezing.