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The cause of the AC malfunctioned in your car

Dust – dust that sticks or lodges on your car’s air conditioner, maybe it will make the AC condition not cold. This is because the dust lodged in the ventilation will prevent the supply of air released from the air conditioner. Meanwhile, if there’s a problem with an AC in your room, visiting the www.airconservicingsingapore.com/ is more recommended.


The more dust that sticks to the more cold air produced by your car’s air conditioner. For this reason, I suggest that you always clean the ventilation holes regularly, at a minimum – at least once a week. This habit is considered effective enough to be used as one of the daily maintenance of your car’s air conditioner. Try and see for yourself how the differences before and after cleaning.

In addition, the car’s air conditioner is not cold anymore, it can also be caused by the magnetic clutch spool breaking. Not only because of breaking up, but even death can trigger the AC to become cold. To check further, you can pay attention to the spool when you turn on the car.

Damage or death of this part can usually be marked very easily, the process of living the car without being accompanied by the ac compressor that does not rotate. Now the process can represent and also explain the condition of the damaged coil.