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Tips for stopping your alcohol addiction

Given the dangers of alcoholic drinks for health, especially for women, it’s good for women to start drinking less. Even recommended stopping consuming alcohol. Meanwhile, visit the recommended drug detox centers, if you want to get rid of your drugs and alcohol addiction.

Here are some tips that you can do to stop drinking alcohol:

1. Make a commitment

If you are alcoholic and want to quit, it’s good to start by making a commitment to yourself. Keep in mind that liquor will only damage you.

Convince yourself that you will never consume the drink again. After you make a commitment to yourself, you can ask for help by consulting a trusted doctor.

2. Consumption of beneficial drinks

When you decide to stop consuming liquor, then you should start getting used to consuming beneficial drinks such as water, juice, and sterile milk. Mineral water has the benefit of cleaning toxins in the body. It’s good you consume water as much as 2-3 liters per day to facilitate the disposal of poisons including the remaining alcohol in the body.

3. Consuming vegetables and fruit

Consuming vegetables and fruit for those of you who have just decided to stop consuming liquor is the right choice. The reason, vegetables, and fruits have many benefits to get rid of toxins and nourish the body

Consuming beetroots is believed to have benefits such as cleaning up toxins in the liver. Then carrot juice has benefits such as strengthening the immune system. Carrot, beet and apple juice when combined have benefits that can sterilize the body from poisons contained in the body.

4. Exercise regularly

In fact, sports have a good effect on the body if done regularly. Exercise can make you apart from the stress and depression experienced.

Toxins that are present in the body will be released through sweat pouring out during exercise. Balance your sports activities by consuming lots of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.