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Know The Mistakes of Submitting Online Job Application

Well, if it is received gratitude, if not, it’s already nothing to lose! This kind of thinking is very inappropriate, because first: however you are wasting your time. Most likely you have missed the opportunity to get a job that you desire just because you are lazy to prepare the right job application and quality. You can benefit from the presence of direct gov jobs when it comes to applying for the job online. Here are some mistakes that are often made by job applicants online:

1. Use the same CV/resume to apply to different companies. Online applicants often save 1 CV file or resume to then be sent repeatedly to various companies with different job openings. This method is not wise. Rather than spending your time sending as many applications as possible in a better chance to focus on finding positions that match your qualifications and prepare a CV or resume that is appropriate before you send it. Fill in the CV or resume only with qualifications or work experience related to the position you are seeking.

2. Sending your application, CV and resume carelessly. This is very often the case where online applicants when browsing job vacancies via the internet, they want to use the time to send as many applications as possible, for that they often make applications or CVs carelessly and quickly so that typing errors and language usage often occur that is not right.

3. The email subject is not right. Many online application senders do not consider the importance of writing the subject (title) of the email correctly. In fact, it is not uncommon to clear the subject of the email, with the thought that the contents of the e-mail will be read and certainly contain applications and CV. Wait a minute! Did you know that email addresses that are often used to receive job applications are usually published on various web pages? Well, these email addresses are usually the target of spam emails that promote various products and services. Now imagine if there were hundreds of job vacancies e-mail work mixed with hundreds of spam e-mails that had to be selected by the company’s HR department.