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Find Out How To Take Care Of A Door Backup Key

The house key is indeed one of the small but valuable items for everyone. Unfortunately, many people easily lose their home keys. In fact, several cases indicated that the house key was damaged, making it difficult for the owner to enter his own house. One that can help you if this happens is locksmiths247. Make sure that you do not lose or damage the keys to your house so you cannot enter it.

Usually, when you have just installed the key, you will be given three reserves. This is to anticipate if the main key you have is missing. However, there are also several ways to maintain the spare key.

1. Save the three keys in a separate place
To prevent the three keys from being lost, keep the three keys separately, for example, the first key is held by the head of the household, the second key is held by the mother, while the third key is stored somewhere and not used first. This third key functions as a backup if the other two keys are damaged or missing.

2. Use a special hanger so that the key is not easily lost
Make a special hanger to keep the keys on the inner wall of the house, this is useful for ease when going to use, try to lay it easy to see but can not be reached by children.

3. Use the latch
Install slots from inside the house for each door, this latch is useful for locking the door when we are inside, if we are at home use the latch to lock the door from inside, (now there are boxes/doors that have been installed with latches in an inseparable place), so we don’t need to use the key when we are in the house. In this way, our keys will last longer because they are used less frequently.

The three ways above are also tips so you don’t easily remove or damage your home key.