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What is cloud hosting?

Broadly speaking, cloud hosting is a hosting service that is connected to many servers, where users do not need to worry about unstable server performance or limited resources on traditional hosting services such as dedicated servers or shared hosting. Cloud computing technology allows us to have unlimited resources because it is connected to many physical machines, making it easier for us to add new servers on the fly without interfering with the ongoing process. Meanwhile, check out the Abbotsford Managed IT company, if you need to get a good cloud hosting service.

The advantages of using cloud hosting

Avoid Hardware Limitations

Cloud Hosting ensures that users’ needs for RAM, CPU, Quota Harddisk and processes are fully fulfilled. When needs increase, you can easily expand the capacity according to the amount you want. Hosting companies can add a lot of resources according to customer requests.

High scalability and good performance

It’s quite limitless to the amount of scalability which can be reached with this type of hosting, such as adding or reducing resources will not interfere with workflows or processes that are running. The resource will be fully dedicated, so there are no unused resources. You don’t need to worry about load balancer configuration when your website has high traffic.

Pay according to your needs

Cloud hosting has its own resource management, so you can determine the resources needed. Users can choose the server size (eg virtual), which includes RAM, Disk Space and also the operating system (Linux or Windows). Customers will pay according to the resources used such as memory usage or bandwidth.

The future of cloud hosting

Cloud computing or cloud computing, in general, is increasingly important and needed by modern society today. This technology is able to bring and direct industrial and business websites increasingly famous in the online world. Although the portion is not so large, web hosting is a springboard for the cloud.

So, don’t be surprised if you find the form of cloud hosting which is the backbone of everything, from digital health recordings to property databases and legal agreements!