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Common materials for men’s watches

To buy cheap cool men’s watches, you need to know about some watchess production materials like the following. Apart from that, maybe you need to check out the exquisite movado mens watches as well.


Leather watches will give a classy and antique appearance. And leather is difficult to imitate. The disadvantage is that this material should not be wet because it is easily damaged. For this reason, it must be treated properly. Don’t use cheap cool men’s watches made from leather if you have allergies.

Rubber or Silicone Rubber

Although the appearance of a watch made of rubber is not as good as that made of leather. However, these affordable watches don’t even make allergies. Also resilient, lightweight and waterproof. It is suitable for those of you who like sports. But be careful using it because it’s easily torn.


Plastic watches are indeed the easiest to modify and color. Besides that it is transparent and light, so it can be used for outdoor activities. But be careful, because it’s easily torn.


Wooden watches are certainly very unique, because they can be made with beautiful natural models and carvings. In addition, this watch is very light and environmentally friendly. This watch must be treated properly, because it is less durable.


This is the material that has the best quality. Besides being strong and durable, cheap cool men’s watches from metal are also waterproof and scratch resistant. For weight depends on the type of metal. Some materials such as heavy steel or light titanium can provide a classy and classic look. Unfortunately, this watch can cause possible allergies.